How to Start a Gardening Business

Are you thinking of setting up a gardening business? It’s a viable option as there are always people who need work in their gardens. Whether it’s landscaping or planting, pruning trees and keeping things tidy, it’s a good business to be in, as you can keep to your local area and service the gardens in your vicinity. So, what advice do we have for anyone looking to set up as a gardener? Well, here are some tips that will get you up and running!

Publicity – as with any new business, you need to let people know you are there. Have some simple leaflets printed and spend a day or two delivering to local addresses. Also, set up Facebook page for your business, and ask your friends to share it. Social media is the modern version of word-of-mouth, and you will be surprised how effective it is at spreading news around.

Tools – you will need the right tools, and some are essential. Think of a couple spades, a fork, perhaps a strimmer and lawnmower, and also saws for cutting branches – a much-requested task! Then, you will need a good wheelbarrow, one that is sturdy enough to last a long time, and also able to be carried around.

We found an excellent review of the top10 best wheelbarrows at a great site called Best Reviewer, and they also have reviews of other household and garden items, plus gadgets and much more. Each review is interesting and informative – and often entertaining – and you get information on the different models, plus details of the pros and cons of each, a final summary, and an idea of what to pay. It’s a site worth visiting for many items at excellent prices.

Transport – you will need a van to carry your tools and wheelbarrow in, and this may be the biggest spend you have to make. Shop around online for advice and help on second-hand vans, or if you want a new one, have a look at the various lease deals that you can get, some of which are very good value.

Dedication – willingness to apply yourself to the job at hand is a necessity when setting up any business, and at times, a gardening role can be hard and tiring. Make sure you have the suitable dedication and knowledge to attempt the business before you commit, or you could find yourself out of pocket.

It takes time to get any business off the ground, but the great thing about a gardening business is you can find local custom, so start with your friends and family, do a good job and ask them to spread the word. With luck and dedication on your side, you’ll soon have regular work and an income, and be able to work the hours you want, when you want, so we recommend you check out Best Reviewer now for more information and reviews on a wide range of products that you might find to be essential for your fledgling gardening business.

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