3 Interesting Innovations in the Paper Bag Industry

Whilst one may view the field of paper and other non-plastic based bags as being an industry that does not see much innovation, there have been plenty of developments in the way we produce and use paper bags. Innovations have come over the years that have reduced their potential environmental impact and increased their accessibility to people and businesses in different income brackets.
If we are to keep on producing products that are popular and useful whilst also not damaging to the environment we must continue to be innovative in the way we produce and use our goods. Here are some of the most interesting innovations in the paper bag industry.

Apple’s Patent on Its Innovative Paper Shopping Bag Design

In 2016 Apple put into action a patent for its very own paper bag. This product was said to be innovative in that it was ‘made entirely’ from paper apart from some adhesive for the seams. The bag was also projected to be made of 60% recycled paper; making it environmentally friendly as well as highly innovative. As Paper bags themselves are not recent innovations the patent then is focused on the method that was used to create the bag.

This bag design is an example of the kind of innovation necessary to reduce the demand for plastic bags and increase the environmental benefits of paper ones. It appears that the typical shopping bag has come full circle from paper to plastic and back to paper again. The bags are now used commonly throughout Apple stores worldwide.

The ‘Weaving Paper Bag’

The weaving paper bag design is interesting as it adopts different materials than those present in a typical paper bag. This design incorporates poly cotton lining and the surface materials make the bag suitable for highly detailed designs. This design is also stronger than a traditional paper bag making it perfect for multiple uses.

The Non-Plastic Sealing Bag from Bosch

This innovation concerns the seal that is often necessary for the packaging of certain products such as rice and porridge oats. The sustainability associated with the materials this design uses makes it appealing to both traditional and eco-conscious customers.

This new method of sealing paper bags will further reduce their impact on the environment by reducing the need for polymer adhesives to be used in their production. It will also help to solve the common problem eco-friendly food shopper’s face; do they sacrifice fresh sealed plastic food in favour of a low waste lifestyle?
Adopt Innovative Paper Products in Your Business

The paper bag innovations stated will have a positive impact on the environment if they are implemented in the correct way and on a large enough scale.

The increased environmental image that goes with adopting products that are viewed as more sustainable can also produce positive connotations for you and your brand. If you wish to adopt some innovative products from paper to cotton bags then visit the Paper Bag Co for a wide range of great quality options.