5 Design Concepts For Building Your Business Website

Building a new business site is a grand undertaking for a novice in the art of digital design.  Not only do you have to know the basic mechanics of building a website, but it bequeaths you to grasp a deeper knowledge of digital marketing concepts as you go.

No matter how “green” you are at web design, the tools you require are at your fingertips.  Take these moments to begin your designing journey, and check out these few design concepts for building a stellar business website.

Before you even begin building your website

Before you ever begin building your website, you should make yourself a master of Search Engine Optimization.  Well, maybe not a master, but make yourself familiar with the concepts of SEO.  There are also plenty of well-equipped professionals available to steer your website towards success.

Search Engine Optimization is an umbrella term for all the different things considered by Google’s search algorithm in the instant someone presses the “search” button.  If you are familiar with what the bots are seeking, then you can more efficiently design your site’s content along the way.

Mobile optimization is a necessity

The world is far too advanced, technologically speaking, to ignore the prevalence of mobile web users.  More than half the population of the country utilizes their smartphones every day to access the internet.

The mobile population should have just as great an experience as those using a desktop.  Make sure that no one has to pinch or swipe to adequately access and view your website.

Build a quality collection of content

Every business website should come equipped with a “Blog” section.  Your business blog is the best way to spread the digital reach of your website.  The more eyes you attract, the more sales your website will produce (in theory).

Integrating the concepts of SEO into the content of your business blog is an added bonus towards ranking higher in the search results.  Provide social media share buttons so your readers have the ability to share your blog posts with others.

Make communication opportunities clear

Communication is the key to great business.  Your website should promote communication between your organization and its target audience.  Design a clear and concise “Contact Us” page on your website, and make sure it provides several different ways for people to contact your business.

Tell them a bit about your organization

When digital users visit your business site, they are always seeking information regarding your organization.  Add an “About Us” page link to your website that provides added information about your company.

Post customer testimonials and short bios featuring your most influential professionals.  Provide a glimpse inside the workings of your company, but avoid making the page super intricate and boring.