5 Ways a College Student Can Earn Extra Cash this Summer

The education you gain during college most certainly doesn’t end in the lecture halls. On the contrary, this wonderful experience is a well of life-lessons, one of which is financial responsibility and independence. Whether you are dealing with student loans, you intend to pay back your parents after graduation, you want to save up for summer travels, or you’re already in the real-world scenario making ends meet as it is, there are several jobs you can take on to earn more.

The key is not to let your working hours or your ambition stand in the way and interfere with your studies, so you can continue your education while maintaining a steady earning rate (as much as possible). Depending on your qualifications, available time, and personal preferences, perhaps there’s a life-saving temporary gig hiding in the following list to make your college journey an even more exciting one!

1. Pass on your knowledge

Are you on campus? Then you’re surrounded with eager beavers thirsty for knowledge, and you most certainly have certain skills or education that you can share for a decent profit and help them advance in their lives – isn’t that a win-win? Even if you rent and live with roommates, you still share most of your time with people who are deeply interested in education, so you’ll always be able to give out flyers, join social media groups where you can post your ad, and keep those students coming.

You can start with English lessons for exchange students, debate classes, or you can help them overcome their exam anxiety by going over their study materials. Tutoring is a brilliant way to reinforce your own skills and knowledge, in addition to helping others, and it gives you plenty of flexibility to set it up in your own time.

2. Bring out your inner wordsmith

You have probably already heard of the famous saying that “content is king”, and to a great extent, it does play a major role in marketing strategies for companies world-wide. However, this makes a wonderful opportunity for freelance and remote writers to join their ranks and provide regular writing services in an effort to improve their online rating.

Other options include writing e-books, short stories, novels, you name it, it’s there. There are so many freelance platforms such as Upwork that connect eager writers with employers everywhere, and once again, you have the perk of working from home and setting up your own price and available time.

3. Express your opinions

Creating your own blog, a YouTube channel, or an Instagram profile for the sake of brand collaborations is no news in the online world. But there are even simpler ways you can use your time and earn some extra cash without leaving your dorm. The idea is that you can get paid to take surveys online whenever you have the time, and they can range from simple questionnaires you’ll get done in a matter of minutes, all the way to more complex ones for more profit.

Certain websites allow you to pick up cash via PayPal, while others let you collect vouchers and get a product in that price in selected stores they are partnered with. Either way, sharing your views and experiences online via these surveys is a simple way to earn some pocket money, although it can become quite profitable once you connect with the right companies!

4. Sell, sell, sell!

We all own too much stuff – from old books, gadgets, to clothes that no longer fit or we no longer like, and although this is a temporary solution, it can become a more permanent gig if you can find and re-sell other items. Selling online can be handy, but keep in mind that you can always set up a “garage sale” in your dorm, or organize a collective sale with your roommates on a regular basis.

You can also sell your lecture notes, since you can make multiple copies, and keep all your college books to sell as you enter the following year and when the time comes to get new ones for yourself. If you find yourself to be a talented salesperson and enjoy a good negotiation, you can always work part-time for a company as a sales executive and work on commission.

5. Jewelry

Handmade jewelry never goes out of style, and if you are good with your hands and have a creative streak in you, then why not use your hobby to make some extra money? It’s a great way to get rid of stress, maintain your creative skills, and deal with those student loans one lovely jewelry set at a time. For those who find this particularly enjoyable, you can also go online, join a Facebook group, and let your customers join a wish list where they can order their pieces in advance. However, if you aren’t very crafty or don’t have the time to make jewelry yourself, you could procure them at reasonable prices from websites like https://helloabound.com/shop?category=Jewelry and then resell them. Who knows, maybe you will uncover the budding entrepreneur inside you this way!

The key perk of this particular job is that you can take it with you wherever you go, in fact, it will be even better if you take some samples and your kit to festivals and concerts where you can show people your work, and who knows? Maybe you’ll get even more requests from such experiences, so perhaps a few business cards are in order!