5 Ways to Manage Your Business While You’re Away


Image via Flickr by Anne Worner

Just because you’re out of the office, it doesn’t mean that your business will be put on hold. Things will be just as demanding as if you were there in person. To make sure things don’t get out of hand while you’re away, use these tips to help manage your business while traveling.

Create an App to Communicate with Employees

Having an open line of communication with your employees at all times is essential, as you’ll need to check up on their progress or give them more responsibilities. Making phone calls can work, but can be expensive, especially if you’re traveling overseas. One way to avoid this is to use an app to touch base with all of your staff. You can get real-time updates and send chat messages to them to find out more about what’s going on.

Avoid Lines at Airports, Car Rental Kiosks, and Hotel Lobbies

Waiting in line is a huge waste of time, especially when you could be doing something more valuable. Skip the lines by registering for priority access in airports, hotels, and car rentals. At the airport, see if you can obtain TSA Pre-check status, as this greatly reduces the amount of time you’ll spend going through security. Additionally, board the plane last. There’s no reason to hurry and stand in line when you could sit and send out a few more emails.

Prepare for Jet Lag

Jet lag can be cumbersome, especially if you have to do work when your plane lands. Do your best to prepare for the tiredness that accompanies long flights by swallowing some pain relievers before your plane takes off. Additionally, keep energy bars in your bag for your ravenous hunger. When you land, don’t be afraid to head to your hotel for a few hours to catch some sleep – this will help you feel better and keep your head clear for making important decisions.

Plan a To-do List

There are probably some things you just can’t do remotely, which is why a to-do list can be a pivotal tool for managing your business on the go. If you use an app like Evernote or Trello, you’ll be able to jot down all of your thoughts and then access them later. Even better, since these lists are cloud-based, employees at your office can get started on the tasks before you return.

Print Business Checks Remotely

One matter that can’t wait until you return is payroll. Your employees rely on you to pay them fairly and regularly. If you’re still printing your checks by hand, you might want to consider the ease of secure business check printing. Checks will be printed automatically, meaning that even if you’re away, your employees can still get the money that’s owed to them.

Keeping your business under control while you’re away can be stressful, so don’t be afraid to put someone else in charge when you’re traveling. This will allow you to enjoy your trip while not being fretful over the state of your finances.