Building A Small Business Website That Works

Thanks to the internet, small business entrepreneurs are in better shape than ever before. The “little guy” on the business block has a better chance at success, because the internet makes business a somewhat level playing field.

To become a meaningful part of the internet, you have to have a business website. Any business, large or small, should have a well-built website. The world no longer looks in the phone book to find information about your business. Your website is your digital identity as an organization.

There is far more to building your organization’s digital identity than simply having an “up and running” website. Check out a few of the most important aspects of a small business website that works, and get started building your small business legacy.

Make it easy to get around your website

Ease of navigation is important in the age of convenience. People want to be able to move about without taking ten minutes to figure out how. Easy navigation sounds like a simple concept, but it has extravagant advantages for web users.

Make navigation simple, like this example website has done. By creating a stationary navigation bar across the top of the site’s design, it is self-explanatory and easy to jump to another section of the website. Just one click, and you’re back to the homepage.

Designate space for your business blog

Every business website needs a subsequent business blog to match. Your business blog is your business website’s information hub. Use your blog to give your organization a voice and a platform to share new and exciting, industry-specific, information.

Make sure you blog has a lot of effort behind its development. Hire someone if you have to, but make sure your business blog is well-written and optimized to rank high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Communication should always be a priority

Communication is important in business as it is in life. Your organization must make an effort to stay in touch with its target population online and offline. Listening to what the people want is the best way to succeed as a small business.

In addition to creating a “Contact Us” page on your business website, make efforts to connect elsewhere. Work a contact box into the design of your homepage. You may also want to supply communication options on your “About Us” page like this website has done.

Optimize your website for mobile access

Mobile accessibility is super important in this time. Technology is now a part of the world’s culture in a plethora of ways. Remaining relevant in business requires you to stay up with what is popular, and PCs are no longer the dominant way to access the internet.