Business Website Design Tactics For Beginners

When you aren’t fluent in website design, it can seem like an overwhelming task to conquer.  You’ve got a debacle. You need a business website, but you don’t know where to begin. Aesthetics are not the only part of a website to be considered.

Before you dive right into your website’s design, take the time to learn a few proven tactics.  Here is a brief explanation of some of the most efficient design elements of a well built business website.  

Navigation adds movement

Every website has to have a way for web users to explore.  Without some form of navigation, there’s no way to move around your website’s design, and check out everything the website has to offer. 

The most traditional design tactic for movement is adding a stationary (or floating) navigation bar.  Like this well-designed example website shows, stationary navigation makes it quick and easy to find what you need when you visit a new site.  

Mobile media is important

Your business website design should never discount the importance and prominence of mobile users on the internet.  Mobile access to the web is more common than ever, and will only continue to expand as technology progresses.

The first step towards optimizing your digital content for mobile access/viewing is to add media queries to your design coding.  Media queries will set your pages up for automatic adjustment to the screen size of the device currently accessing your content.

Encourage communication through design

Your business website design should be catered towards communication.  Communication is a foundational aspect of your organization as a whole, so it makes sense to integrate it into the design of your business website.  

Adding a “Contact Us” page to your layout is great, but it’s not enough.  Add other pleas for communication throughout your design.  For instance, an extra phone number or simplified contact form is a great addition to your website.   

Integrate social media share buttons

Your business website will benefit from the addition of social media sharing buttons.  These tiny, familiar icons are simple to add, and web users know exactly how to utilize their purpose.  

Give visitors to your website the ability to share their excitement about your business with friends and family by adding share buttons for all of the most popular social media sites.  Add the icons to your homepage, contact page, and your blog.

Learn the ins and outs of SEO

Studying the concepts of search engine optimization will teach you a large portion of what you need to know to build an efficient business website.  Take your time, and learn as much as possible before you begin on the final draft of your business website.