Digital Marketing For Small Business Owners: Secrets, Strategies, And Solutions

If you run a small business and have recently realized that online advertising can help your company grow, you should begin familiarizing yourself with the world of digital marketing immediately. For example, if you aren’t familiar with SEO and what it can do for your business, companies such as are there to help you further your understanding and help you grow. In fact, now that online marketing has become so popular, there are loads of businesses out there that assist you in your online growth. Below you will find just a few of many secrets, strategies, and solutions that you can implement to facilitate business growth:

  1. Do Thorough Research On Your Audience.

The official marketing term for this strategy is “target market research.” It involves collecting and carefully analyzing four types of data: behaviouristic, psychographic, geographic, and demographic. Obtaining this type of information will help you understand the ideals, ideological perspective, interests, and shopping behavior of your audience. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to fine-tune your marketing efforts so that the content you produce is relevant, intriguing, and/or valuable to your people. Unless you are an advertising expert, it’s typically a good idea to hire digital advertisers to do the target market research on your behalf.

  1. Maintain A Cutting Edge Approach To Digital Advertising.

In addition to doing thorough research on your audience, make sure that you maintain a cutting edge approach to the world of digital advertising. You can consult with companies like WebEnertia to know the ins and outs of the expertise, and whether it is worth investing for the success of your business. Learning as much as you can about emerging methodologies and trends is a wonderful way to ensure that you have access to marketing modalities that can engender a substantive return on investment (ROI). In recent years, primacy has been placed upon the use of tools, services, and resources that will shorten and simplify the shopper’s experience while on your website. An example would be the use of a website shopping cart provided by a company like Another example would be “Live Chat” software that enables clients to attain virtual customer service from company representatives through text-based dialogues in a chat room setting.

Note that there are several resources you can use to learn about developments in the technological and marketing sectors. Some of them include:

  • RDS Business Reference Suite
  • Canadian Business & Current Affairs
  • First Research
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
  • Business Source Premier
  • Google Alerts
  • Industry Canada Business Information by Sector
  • Google Trends
  1. Obtain Customer Feedback.

Another strategy you can implement to optimize your online presence is obtaining customer feedback. This strategy will help you determine whether the marketing efforts and communication modalities you’re using are generating the results that you and your clients want. For example, you might ask your customers to complete a survey indicating which digital mode of communication is most effective for them. This could include anything from email to Twitter.

  1. Advertise Your Brand On Social Media.

There are several advantages that result from advertising your small business via social media. One of them is the ability to constantly communicate with your audience in an interactive manner, be that through responding to their comments or even any interactive content you produce and distribute via social media. Another is the ability to provide clients and prospects with instant updates regarding your brand. There are multiple social channels that can be used to establish communication with members of your target audience. Some of them include:

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+


Once you realize that you want your small business to generate capital in the online realm, it’s time to start using digital marketing strategies that will yield results. Four strategies that you might consider utilizing include doing thorough research on your target audience, maintaining a cutting edge approach to marketing, obtaining customer feedback, and advertising your brand on social media.