Do You Want Your Display Stand to Shine? Here’s How to Utilise the Best Colours for Better Impact

If you have a display stand or a pop up banner, then you have the opportunity to present your goods or services to the public – and that’s an excellent opportunity to generate sales or leads for future sales. However, you’re not going to get far if the audience doesn’t notice you; you need to stand out and attract attention so people can approach. You need to draw them in before you can begin your sales pitch.

Luckily, there are some good ways to make sure you stand out – and there are plenty of experts who are willing to advise you on the subject. Ready to make some sales? Do you want your display stand and pop up banners to shine? Here’s how to utilise the best colours for better impact.

Colour is king

There’s a whole study about how colour influences the human psyche. There are reasons why famous brands such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds use red in their branding and advertising, and why lots of banks use green or blue. If you’re wondering what kind of colour is best for your booth, think about two things: how to stand out in the crowd, and how to project the right image for your company. Here’s how most people relate to various colours:

  • Red – it’s dominant and immediately captures attention. Be careful, however; it can provide a visual overload for customers. It’s a great accent colour.
  • Yellow – it’s a highly visual element, bright and shiny, which is sure to be noticed by everyone. Be careful here too; like orange and red, it can get overwhelming.
  • Green – it can be warm and inviting or remind people of peace. It can either mean the colour of money or the colour of nature, so be careful.
  • Blue – this colour is generally used to illicit the feeling of calm and trustworthiness. Beware, however, as different shades can have different impacts.
  • Purple – think of kings, royalty, and luxury.
  • Orange – playful and bright, but perhaps a little dangerous.
  • Pink – It’s hard to get more feminine than this, and it works well with a younger audience.
  • Brown – understated and projecting calm.
  • Gold – it’s all about wealth.

You may notice that the colour white is not mentioned in the above list – and for good reason. First of all, white is quite bland when you compare it to other colours, so you’re less likely to be noticed. Secondly, white is a clean colour, and when there are a lot of people passing by, it gets dirty easily (and people will notice the dirt). Unless there are very good reasons, avoid white. Choose your colours for your roller banners and your pop up display stands wisely, and you are sure to stand out.

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