Facing the Human Factor: Removing the Roadblocks to Perfect PPE Compliance

According to statistics, three workers die in the workplace every single day in Canada alone. A truly shocking figure, it’s highly likely that the number of workplace fatalities would be significantly reduced if perfect personal protective equipment (PPE) was administered at all times. But, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Many employers find their employees forgetting or simply refusing to wear PPE, despite the potential risks. There’s no denying the safety benefits of hard hats, gloves and goggles so, if you find some of your employees lacking in PPE much more often than they should, it’s time you take action for everyone’s safety. If you struggle to successfully enforce this rule, here are a few common reasons for why workers may be avoiding PPE and solutions you can use to counteract them.

Workplace culture

If a workplace doesn’t have a solid safety-based culture, it’s unlikely your employees will take safety seriously. And, if they aren’t taking it as seriously as they should, it’s doubtful they will even bother thinking about PPE. This is applicable to all levels, for instance, hospitals are high up on the list of making sure they have the correct PPE like disposable gowns, gloves, masks, etc. otherwise they are putting more than themselves at risk.

To ensure the culture of your workplace doesn’t take safety for granted, it’s essential to put measures in place that emphasize its importance. Rewarding employees who regularly wear PPE and giving them a consistent and reliable method to report any issues or problems they have regarding safety are all excellent methods of making sure safety is at the forefront of their working life.

Issues with comfort

It’s no secret that PPE isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing to wear for hours on end. Due to this, many employees will be put off wearing PPE not because they don’t care about safety, but simply because they find doing their job increasingly uncomfortable and hot when they are wearing it.

Counteracting this problem is very simple – all you need to do is get PPE that’s both comfortable and well-fitting for your employees! Not only will they be more inclined to wear it but they’ll also have more respect for you as they’ll see you truly care about their comfort if you’re willing to invest in new PPE for them.

If you think this is something you’ll need to do, browse this site for a range of PPE that will suit everyone.


If you feel your PPE is comfortable with a strong safety-based workforce but you’re still finding your employees reluctant to wear it, perhaps training needs to be looked at. The fact is, if your employees haven’t been properly trained on exactly how and when to wear their PPE, they simply won’t do it!

Run frequent workshops instructing all employees on this topic, and encourage them to communicate and help each other out regarding their PPE especially if new recruits have recently joined the team.

Safety should naturally be of utmost importance in any workplace but, if your employees are failing to take proper safety measures, it’s your responsibility to take action. But by following the above steps and ensuring to monitor your workers’ PPE habits at all times, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your safest working environment yet!