Five Small Businesses You Can Do Online Full-Time

If you are tired of getting up in the morning and getting dressed to drag your butt to a vehicle or public transportation, so you can go to a job where you make money for someone else and never feel fulfillment, there are things that you can do to change your life. One of those things is to cut out the middleman (your transportation) and start working from home.

Hey, someone needs to write that paycheck to you, but do you really have to drive to them to get it? There are businesses all over the world looking for people to work for them in a virtual setting. You can do SEO work, write blog posts, or do all sorts of online marketing for people. Contract work frees you up to enjoy life more as well.

Freelance Writer/Blogger

Getting into freelance writing is fairly easy. There are plenty of gigs willing to hire people with minimal writing experience. Look specifically for gigs that are willing to have you write them a sample article so that they can see what you have to offer. Some places will pay for this and some won’t.

You can also consider starting your own blog or becoming a ghostwriter for someone else’s blog. Blogs can be monetized in many ways, and you can use your own blog to bring in residual funds while you work on someone else’s writing work or do some data entry on the side.

Data Entry

There are plenty of virtual data entry jobs out there. You might even find job sites dedicated to this type of work. Hospitals and other businesses are always looking for people to fill forms out for them so that they don’t have to take time away from their more important duties.

SEO Expert

If you know a good deal about SEO, start getting jobs online in the sector. Businesses love having SEO experts on staff or on retainer to help them boost their views and revenue. You need to know all of the workings of SEO, including how to track what works and what doesn’t, if you want to be a success and be considered an “expert.”

Social Media Manager

You could also start a career as a social media expert or manager. If you know how to get views and followers on social media, you will be a hot commodity with businesses of all kinds. Business people don’t always have time to put into social media, which means their pages get neglected. That means they’re losing followers instead of gaining them.

In order to break into this line of business, you’ll need proof you can get them followers. That means your own pages need to be popular!