How To Book Craigslist Apartments like a Pro for Your Business Tips!

In the internet age, many consider finding an apartment as an easy process. In truth, not everything is in black and white. There are many scammers out there looking to con people out of their hard-earned cash reserves.

Most cities have exceptionally competitive and expensive rental markets. Equally, this translates to elevated chances of fraud occurring. Despite the emergence of numerous sites that offer apartment-renting solutions, Craigslist still has its head above the water.

On the platform, people steal photos from other listings, at times, in different states altogether. Then, they list the properties in regions considered lush at rates that are outrageously impressive. Thus, many people stand in line and email the developers to query about moving in. Typically, the fake agents ensure that they compel the interested parties to part with their personal information and cash before staging a disappearance act.

Incredibly, there’s now a Chrome app that promises to revolutionize the real-estate market. The Chrome Extension is called Cluck. Once users install the add-on to their browsers, they have the power to leave comments once they believe anything on the site is a swindle. In addition, the add-on has built-in reverse search capabilities. Buyers who use the extension can thus actively monitor where else the images uploaded are being used on the internet.


The reverse image search is the extension’s shining beacon. To get started, one simply has to open a new listing, click the button above the main picture and results will be displayed on where else the picture is found on the web.

Amazingly, that’s not where the fun ends, once the image is searched and a duplicate of the image is found on the web, the browser automatically opens up a page where the posting is also found. This allows one to confirm the authenticity of the information provided in the quote. If there’s any fishy discrepancy, then one should automatically assume that the deal is a scam.

Additionally, the site alerts users of listings that are likely the same. This added layer of protection helps ensure that one does not venture into the market full of hope, only to get swindled. Once the alert is issued, users can crosscheck the facts before investing any more of their time and money into the venture.

Continued Innovation

At present, Cluck seems to be an amazing tool to have at the ready when going house hunting. The comments section can be a massive help to those seeking information on which apartments are tenable and which aren’t. However, at present, there aren’t enough users sharing content on the platform in order to cover all the bases of operation. Once the extension’s reach reaches the masses, a revolution is expected to emerge.

Once the Chrome extension is paired with sites like, a semblance of bliss can be achieved. This is because the site facilitates search parameters to be separated for quick, intuitive use. In addition, the site allows segmentation when it comes to search parameters; one can search the entire Craigslist database or simply limit the search to specific states or local areas.