How to create a movie with Movavi Video Editor

Nowadays making videos is what is becoming increasingly popular. For this process to be fun and entertaining, the program must be simple and have all the necessary tools. Movavi Video Editor is a convenient software that can be used as a photo slideshow maker, movie maker or for many other purposes. Thanks to the simple tools and many special effects you can create a fabulous movie using your own images and video clips. What can be done with the help of this multifunctional editor?

Join several files

The timeline of the program allows you to work with several multimedia files simultaneously. Add videos, photos and music, place the files in the necessary order and work with the multimedia files on separate tracks. You can then insert creative transitions between the fragments if you want to make your video smoother. More than 100 transitions are at your disposal: artistic, blurred, geometric, undulations, zoom and many more. You can choose whichever you like or use the Transitions Wizard that will randomly apply fades to all the clips.

Edit the video

Do not forget to cut all unnecessary parts of the video and adjust the length of the audio. Use special tools to cut, crop, rotate and even invert video clips. The program also has many instruments aimed at improving the quality of both the audio video. Use the Stabilization tool, normalize the audio volume and reduce background noises to make the sound clearer.

In addition, you can add various artistic filters, elegant subtitles and special effects. Replace the background using Chroma Key, divide the screen to show several videos at the same time, put your videos in slow motion, etc. The program has many editing tools that will help you create your perfect movie.

Export in an appropriate format

When you decide to save your project, you can choose the necessary quality, resolution, framing and adjust other parameters. You can save the video in a default format for your mobile device and share it on social networks like Facebook or YouTube. Movavi Video Editor is so simple and effective that it stands out among other video editing programs. This video editor allows you to perform as basic tasks so much advanced to create a movie or an impressive photo presentation.