Keeping Your Business Optics Competitive

The idea of business optics is an intriguing one. Optics are all about how something looks. This may or may not deal directly with how something operates. But, if something runs well without also looking good, it may not attract the kind of attention that you want to succeed with your business’s bottom line. It’s a very interesting equation to run in your head.

Some of the optics that you have to consider include your storefront, your digital presence, your employee dress code, and even your social media packaging. Whereas all of these things need to be practical, adding the visible element in as a priority can make the difference between success and failure in a competition.

Your Storefront

If you have a store with a physical storefront, that can be a center of your optic priorities. But it’s not just the sign on your front wall. It’s not just the lighting and what you see in the windows. It’s also the curb appeal optics. It’s how well you maintain your lawn if you have real estate around your building. It’s how clean your parking lot is. Those things all make a difference when it comes to gaining a competitive edge against someone who takes up similar business space.

Your Digital Presence

Next up on your list of optics is your digital presence. In other words, how well is your website designed? If you didn’t pay the money to have a professional do it, then you’re probably immediately going to be pegged as amateurish when it comes to the optics of your web presence. Unfortunately, getting a good web developer can be expensive, and maintaining this digital presence also comes at a cost. However, if you aren’t willing to compete in that realm, then anyone who is ready to fight the search engine war against you is going to have that leg up.

Your Employee Dress Code

Managers might think about it more than lower-level employees, but the optics of a dress code are extremely important. When clients view workers, they are constantly judging and getting impressions. If you create a positive employee dress code that makes sense, makes employees happy, and impresses clients, that’s when you know that optics are working for you.

Your Social Media Packaging

Finally, consider the optics of your social media packaging. This is not the same as your digital presence. Your digital presence is a sort of static, controlled output. Your social media packaging has more to do with how you interact with the virtual world. Anyone who views your conversations online with anyone else is going to be looking for business triggers. They are going to be trying to decide if you are worth communicating with and purchasing from. And that’s why you have to be very clear that your social media always has to point in the same positive commercial direction.