Morrison’s switches to paper bags for all loose fruit and vegetables

Morrison’s have announced their revival of paper bags in all of their stores. They aim to have the paper bags in all of the stores by the end of summer time 2019.

The bags are made from 100% recyclable paper and feature a clear paper window so that staff can identify the goods inside the bags. They will come in one size and be used to replace plastic bags in areas where loose fruit and vegetables are available to pick from.

By replacing their plastic bags with paper bags in the fruit and vegetable isle, they will be reducing plastic bag usage by 150 million each year. This means that 150 million less plastic bags will end up in the landfill and in the environment.

Fruit and vegetable plastic bags are most often single use bags as after you tie them shut, you have to break them open again to get the goods. This renders them completely useless for reuse and means they are thrown out instantly.

Paper bags are a better option because they help prevent harmful chemicals from being released into the environment (which is the case with plastic bags) and they also decompose at a much quicker rate, even more so if you compost them yourselves.

This is one step in the right direction and can help other big companies follow in the right direction.

Morrison’s is also initiating a scheme for people to bring their own containers to the supermarket to take home goods in. To encourage this they are offering 100 loyalty card points every time a container is used.

To reduce your impact on the environment, ditch the plastic bags and packaging and switch to sustainable and eco-friendly options such as paper bags or cotton bags. Eco-bags can be reused many times and often last a lifetime. They can then be recycled or repurposed.