Saving Tips For the Family Who’s Just Starting Out

As we grow up and enter the land of adulting, many of us consider marriage and having children. What we don’t’ consider, or least consider very much, is the cost of starting and maintaining that family. In the beginning years of any young person’s adult life, there are many financial adjustments that have to be made.

They learn to keep up with bills, that they have to have weekly goods like gas and food, and that children cost much more now than they did when they had home economics in high school. So, saving is something most are interested but can’t manage or don’t know how to. Below are three suggestions that might help things along.

Go Low Tech

This is 2018! You’re thinking maybe you didn’t read that right. Seriously though. Take the tech down a notch. As a young family, we are sure that you have been raised on the convenience of technology. Especially if you are a millennial.

Be that as it may, if you want to save some serious cash, it might be a smart idea to scale back progress a little. Instead of paying $400 for a new dryer, try hanging your clothes out on the line. Want to keep up with the dishes without wasting extra electricity and water?

Wash them the old-fashioned way. If you would like to save some more money on your electricity, plant some trees that offer some shade for your home. You can also light your home during the day with natural sunlight instead of money stealing lamps. Low tech might require a little more work but will save you a lot of cash in the end.

Home Entertainment

The one thing you will realize when you have young children is that they have a constant need to be entertained. Sure, if you took them to the zoo, or to the local pool, or on a trip to an amusement park, you are likely to make parents of the year.

However, you are bound to spend much more than you can afford, as well. Consider entertaining at home. There are several things that you can do at home as a family that are fun and will create wonderful memories without breaking the bank. Try a family movie night or a game night. Turn the living room into a wrestling ring and recreate Monday Night Raw with your tiny versions of Rey Mysterio.

Hold an art show where you and your children create works of art and put them on display for the other parent. There are hundreds of ways to have family fun without spending a lot of money if any.

Take Care of Your Health

One of the areas most families don’t think about when they think about saving money is in healthcare. There are millions of dollars spent on preventable health problems. Take the time to make sure everyone in the family has yearly physicals and dental checkups every six months. These simple preventative actions could save you thousands.

Also, avoid bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, and partaking in illegal drugs or the illegal use of prescription drugs. If you do take prescription drugs, save money by looking at the street value of Vicodin before buying it (or whatever medication you take). Health is very important so look after yourself! Take your time driving from point A to point B and if you have a health problem pop up along the way, attend to it quickly. Don’t wait until it has progressed. The added care and medication will bleed you dry.

Life can be scary for a young family just starting out. Follow these tips and money won’t have to be part of that fear.