Small Business Design Tips For Your Website

If you want your small business to be more effective online, then you’ll have to dial your web design into what works best.  You may already have a functioning business website, but there’s always something more you can do to boost efficiency.

Start feeling what real digital success feels like, and educate yourself in the ways of web design.  Here is a brief summary of a few design tips you won’t want to get started without. Have a quick read, and take some notes on how you might better your small business website today.  

Make certain your navigation links are bold

The navigation elements of your business website should stand out from the rest of your design.  Users should immediately see and understand how to move around your site’s content. This industrial website offering tools used in the oil and gas industry displays a textbook example of clear navigation options.  

Pay close attention to the content above the fold

The part of the content that shows up first when the page loads is said to fall above the fold. Of course, this tactic doesn’t really affect mobile users, but it’s still effective on other mediums.

Therefore, when you design your business website maybe with the help of an agency similar to the Connective Web Design team, make it in such a way that all of the most interesting and important content displays “above the fold.” When speaking in terms of “above the fold,” understand that this phrase is used to refer to the top half of your display.

Declutter your design for maximum impact

The days of having a million and one popup ads on your website for marketing purposes are over.  The internet has progressed to become a little more civilized in that manner. Use the white space on your site as a tool.  

Adding a minimal amount of content into one space gives visitors the chance to get straight to the point.  Excessive clutter will frustrate and divert users to a less complicated website.

Responsive web design is vital to success

Responsive web design is vital to the success of your website, as mobile users account for more than 50 percent of the population on the internet at any given time.  The easiest way to incorporate responsive web design in your site is to add media queries to your coding.

Media queries will give your business website the ability to detect if someone is using a mobile device, and adjust the layout to fit the size of the screen being used.  

Dig into the art of SEO

Search engine optimization refers to exactly what it sounds like it means.  You’re optimizing your content’s position in the search engine results pages (or SERPs) by observing the elements of SEO.  Dig into everything you can learn about implementing SEO, and your content will benefit.