The Birth of a Business Adventure: Everyone Has One

Whether a small business like the soda shop down the street or a big business such as a famous fast food chain, there was a day that a man or woman, only known by their family and friends, maybe less, sat down and had an epiphany for a way to make money. This would be the wonderful beginning of many lessons learned the hard way and eventual success. Today, let’s take a look at a few examples of the birth of a business.

Fast Food

Since we have already mentioned it, let’s take a look. Where did the idea come from? Of course, we all need and, most, like to eat and sometimes we need to do it in a hurry, but this is not where the idea for fast food came from. Since the beginning of time, eating has been necessary to live. However, it really wasn’t possible to view eating as entertainment for most of the world until the late 1850’s. Until then, restaurants only catered to the paying tourists. As technology advanced and made it easier to serve tasty food faster, the idea of fast food was born. It wasn’t till the early 1900’s that the drive thru window was born. In the beginning, the nutritional value of fast food constantly received criticism. Some things never change.

Factory Work

As the population of the world continues to expand, so does the need for all of that population’s commodities. There are things we have to have, such as transportation, housing, clothes, and packaging.Then, there are things we want, like gaming consoles, furniture, sports uniforms for little league, and movies. All of the above is now manufactured in a factory, but it wasn’t always that way. The modern day factory was birth in 1769 by Richard Arkwright when he patented a way to make a faster manufacturing line possible. Because of the perseverance and creative thinking of one man, we are now able to see that the world’s population, which is now over 7 billion, gets those wants and needs and gets them quickly.

Solar Energy

For some time, scientists have known about the detrimental effects that the carelessness of human technological advance has had on the planet. The end of our existence has been a pretty good motivation for finding cleaner ways to fulfill our needs. As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and this time, in the 1950’s, solar power was born. As we discovered the many possible uses for solar energy, the business of buying and selling the means to achieve solar energy was born. As the technology has advanced, the business has boomed and is now global.

Business is a growing entity. It goes through times of monotony and times of great change, but as you see, everything that grows has a birth. Even business.