Tips For Creating A Work Team That Works Well Together

You can tell when a team works well together whenever you first step into a business. There is simply an atmosphere that comes with a well-run business that has a good sales or office team. You may wonder how you can get that with your own business, and it’s really not as hard as you may think.

Why do you need a team that works well together in your business? It’s because a good team breeds success. You’ll see it in employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and even in the books. Here are some of the things you can do to create your own business work team that bonds and builds.

Teach Them To Collaborate

One key to having a team that works well together is to make sure that they know how to collaborate with one another. They should communicate well, have similar ideas, and also be able to integrate each other’s ideas into something that works to build your business.

These are people that work well in a team. If someone is a lone wolf then the team is not going to work. If someone is always getting upset because their idea is not getting chosen, the team is not going to work and changes will need to be made.

Enjoy Socials Together

Life isn’t all about work, it’s also all about fun too. Sometimes the best way to break the ice is to go and enjoy something together. This could be going out for food, having a lunchtime birthday party, going to a theme park or even a virtual game night. Employee engagement will rise sharply once all of your employees are comfortable with each other. It’s always better to work with friends that you can laugh with than strangers you’ve never even said hello to.

Let Them Pick The Leader

Teams often do better if they have a peer at the helm of their collaborative decision making. They all still have a part, but there is one person that comes to you with plans and ideas, or issues, instead of all of them at once. When it comes to having a team leader it’s wise to let the team pick the right person for them.

For one thing, this person won’t be looked at as a “teacher’s pet” because of the boss picking them. For another thing, they will feel more like a peer to their works, still, since that’s exactly what they are.

Pick The Right Team

The very first step in building a good work team is to hire the right people in the first place. Know what you’re looking for in an employee and make sure that you are hiring team players. It’s not hard to weed out those that are just saying they play well with others.

You could require potential hires come into job shadow for one day before officially getting a job offer. This will not only let them get a feel for the job, but it will also let you and your employees get a feel for them and decide if they really are a good fit and a good worker.

You could also use a team assessment test on a site like to address any issues your employees seem to be having with one another. It might just be that their personality type isn’t suited to that area of work, so a team assessment can show you where they’d be better placed within your structure.

Offer Incentives

Offering employee incentives can often do a lot to create a better team and better employees all around. They don’t always work, but they can, and they don’t always have to be money related.

Yes, a bonus or a job well done is always a nice surprise for any employee, but sometimes all they want is a little recognition. Set up an “Employee of the Month” program and put their name on a plaque.