Wallet-friendly Tips for Setting up Your Office

When starting a new business there are numerous aspects of paramount importance to take into consideration, and suitable office space is one of them. Your goal is to have a space that oozes and entices creativity, a place in which your employees will look forward to spending eight or more hours a day every workday. There are however lots of small things about setting up an office that you may not consider. Such things could be office temperatures and the controls of this, legal requirements of an employees workspace. You can then also factor in the smaller details, such as, where to find a company such as DUCTZ of the Metro East or a regular office cleaning company that can potentially help to maintain the quality of the office environment. In order to help you set up an amazing space that is a mixture of trendy, professional yet comfortable we have created a list of tips that will not only allow you to create an office you have envisioned but that will also be gentle on your wallet or expense account.

First things first

Every good design, whether at home or at the office, begins with great walls, and that means choosing the right color palette. It is amazing how much influence the colors of spaces have on serenity and productivity. According to Entrepreneur your best choices would be restful green and calming blue as they have shown to improve efficiency and focus. They also lend an overall sense of well-being. Another great option would be a mellow yellow hue, due to its positive effects on levels of optimism it entices, and it is believed to trigger innovation and is therefore most recommended for spaces where artists, writers, designers, developers and other creative professionals work. This decorative venture does not have to create a huge hole in your budget – once you have selected your paint colors you can do the work yourself with the help of a few good friends or eager and cooperative colleagues. By adding a few finishing touches such as the company logo, some photos placed in simple cheap frames you can purchase in Ikea, you instantly have a warm and inviting space. You can even bring something from your home and encourage your employees to do the same. Be sure to have a plant or two, not only for decorative purposes but better air quality as well. Choosing a space with plenty of natural light is one of the best decisions you can make; natural light promotes productivity, reduces the sense of fatigue, and it is economical as it will save you tons on electric bills.

Furniture & co

This next step is a slightly more challenging one, as furniture and electronics are one of the most important elements, essential to an office space, and items that fall into both categories come at a high price. Realistically, these are your largest budget points. Still, there are ways to work around this. Office furniture can often be found at a great price, especially if you purchase used but well-preserved desks, conference tables, shelves and chairs from other companies. These items do not have to be new, they only need to be well-maintained and look as if they are new. As for electronics – laptops, copiers, printers, always keep your eyes open for great shopping deals and discounts. This way you can acquire great equipment that will not put your company in debt before you have even started off. The electronics do not need to be high-end; look for affordable yet quality products that will do the work just as well as the ‘fancy’ ones would.

Final touches

Binders, folders, white boards, markers, printing paper, wastebaskets, stationery, business cards staplers, scissors, cleaning supplies (whether you plan to do this yourself or bring in professional Office Cleaning Services to clean the space), a coffee maker, mugs – these are all tiny details that truly complete an office. The best way to save money when it comes to these is buying things in bulk, because prices are often drastically lower than when investing in one thing at a time. Avoid unnecessary printing – this is where the true value of email and scanning transpires. You help planet Earth and your wallet at the same time. In that spirit, opt for mugs instead of plastic cups; this practice is not only environment and wallet-friendly, but it also adds a personal touch because people love having their own personal mugs.

Now that you are in the know, it is time to start setting up. New expenses will most certainly arise along the way, however, for the time being, your wallet does not have to endure suffering. Use these hacks, and start building your small empire today, good luck.