Why is Bespoke Packaging So Important for Online Retailers?

As an online retailer, packaging is the language you speak. Sure, your website creates the first impression and the strength of your products the lasting one, but it’s crazy to ignore the impact of good packaging when all your products are sent to people’s doorsteps instead of placed into their hands in a shop.

The first step towards acknowledging the importance of packaging is to seek out the service of someone like Epic Packaging (who you can find at https://www.epicpackaging.co/) and go bespoke. Here are just a few reasons why it’s a good idea.

The First Impression

Online retailers can’t really do service with a smile. The first impression people have of your business is going to be the box your products arrive in, and everyone knows how important first impressions can be. Since the packaging will be the first thing people see, it makes sense to dress products to impress with bespoke designs that stand out from the crowd and create a wonderful look. The first bite is with the eye, after all.

Fantastic Unboxing Experience

When someone orders a product online, the first thing they think about is the thrill of unboxing it. This has become such a popular part of the experience that millions of people have viewed unboxing videos on popular video sharing platforms. If your customers feel good about the unboxing experience, they’ll feel good about the product before they even reach it and develop a more positive impression of your business – they might even create a video of their own! Bespoke or Custom Boxes Design packaging gives things that special touch. And if a company has given thought to the sustainability and reusability of the container or the box, the vloggers instantly highlight this fact, adding a positive value to the brand image. For firms that are looking for wholesale packaging suppliers, Impacked is the place to buy packaging in bulk. When a sizable thought is put into the packing itself, your customers will get excited from the second they see your package in the mail.

Potential Exposure

Finally, consider the marketing potential of bespoke packaging. Exposing your brand to customers is always a good way to reinforce their awareness, and they might also open the package with other people around or even share photos of it online. Bespoke packaging encourages customers to share how their packaging looks, and that could lead to huge exposure.