I see the work of our businesses as a small business supporting other small businesses with a personal, experienced touch. Having gone through the establishment of a small company myself, I feel privileged to make my experience and expertise available to other small operators.

Small does not me insignificant, to me, small means brave, innovative and flexible. Where larger companies struggle to adapt to the changing needs of clients, small companies are perfectly placed to offer top quality services and products.

The Dedication of Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Having worked with numerous entrepreneurs and small business owners, I have come to appreciate the spirit of my clients.

Dedication, drive and an innovative spirit are all characteristics displayed by every single one of the entrepreneurs I have met. All of them work extremely hard, often without taking a break. Their aim is to build something new and create wealth for themselves and their employees while also providing valuable services or excellent products.

My First Love – My Daughter Cathy

As much as I love my work, my daughter Cathy definitely occupies pole position in my life. I am a single dad and because I work for myself, I can spend a lot of time working from home and spending precious time with Cathy. Seeing her grow and just having a good time is ever so fulfilling and ultimately, all the hard work I invest is for her.

The Joys of Working From Home

My employees tell me that I am a workaholic and I tend to agree. However, Cathy’s needs ought to come first and I am infinitely grateful that I can do a lot of my work from home. Thanks to the steely support of my employees, modern technology and the internet, I can manage my business from home. I get most of my work done when Cathy is at school and the spillover can easily be dealt

with from my home office. Juggling parenthood and work is actually fun, one complements the other and I love both.

Small Business Secrets – What We Do

Our business provides top-quality support services to small business and sole traders. Our clients hire us in the hope of expanding their business organically and we help them to achieve their goals. We provide financial advice, create business expansion strategies and maximise each client’s potential for growth. Personally, I love working with entrepreneurs and small business owners, simply because they are always highly creative, innovative and courageous.

Our Clients

Our clients stem from all sectors including retail, IT, hospitality, trade, construction, manufacturing, farming, service industry, artisan food producers, designers, education and many more. We organise meetings, seminars and networking events in an effort to foster collaboration and mutual support.

This Website

As our web name might suggest this website is designed to uncover the secrets of successful entrep

reneurship and small business management. Running a profitable small business is not rocket science, especially not when equipped with all the knowledge our company furnishes. My aim is to publish interesting and insightful financial information, up-to-date financial news and top tips on how to run a financially viable small firm.

This website is also designed as a focal point for small business owners and wannabe entrepreneurs. It is also an extension of our offices and clients and information seekers can gain access to the valuable information we provide even at weekends and outside of working hours.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip small business with all the information and support required for optimum growth. We facilitate and promote expansion and innovation. Harnessing true potential is what we do best.