Small businesses often have limited spending power when it comes to advertising. Usually, most of the cash is tied up in stock, wages and everyday running costs and advertising and marketing are way down the list of priorities. Sadly, this is rather foolish, however understandable it may seem. It is quite difficult to find advertising methods that actually produce results. Frequently, the return on investment is unquantifiable and extremely hard to gauge.

The Advertising Minefield

The entire process of advertising can be rather frustrating. I remember in my own case trying out lots of different types including print media, radio and leaflet drop and to this day, I am not sure if any of the methods described actually produced any results.

It’s very much a case of “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”. While I wasn’t sure whether any of my advertising attempts worked, I was also aware of the need to promote and publicise my business.

Online Advertising – A Breath of Fresh Air

Online advertising has certainly been a game changer. Suddenly, at reasonable costs, you can reach thousands and thousands of real potential customers, which has been a completely new phenomenon. By picking the right website to match your target group, you can pinpoint potential customers and directly reach them in the comfort of their own home, at work or on their beloved mobile device.

Considering how reasonably priced online advertising is, the reach and precision are unbelievable. My business profited from advertising on smartly selected websites.

Consequently, when we were approached by wannabe advertisers, I wanted to provide the best possible package, simply because I was aware of how fraught advertising can be.

This Might Be the Perfect Advertising Space for Your Business

Before you consider availing of advertising space on Small Business Secrets, let me outline our readership:

  • 14’000 Savvy Business People: Our Readers are in business or are about to set up a company. If you provide for this target group, you will do well with an ad here. The vast majority of our readers are actively seeking advice and information. Many are also looking for related products or services. Our readers need a plethora of products and services in the daily operation of their business. Because of our strong position as leading small business advisory services, our readers trust us to furnish quality content. They also trust in our judgement when it comes to our advertisers and we only make advertising space available for relevant businesses. You will never find random ads on my site. To my mind, irrelevant ads simply lower the content of a website too much. Our readers are sophisticated and would simply not accept nappy ads!

Our Readers – Your Target Group, Let’s Make it Work

If our readers are the kind of people you would like to target, let’s talk and work together. All you need to do is contact us and request and advertising package. You will quickly discover how competitive our rates are and how comprehensive our advertising strategy is.

Before you sign up, we discuss your targets and objectives and tailor your chosen package to your specific needs. Campaign duration, ad design and placement are of the utmost important and this is where our hard work begins.

We spend quite a lot of time getting to know you and your business activity and proceed to locate the best possible location for your add. Usually, we match advertisements to actual website content in an attempt to maximise the effect of your ad.

Subsequently, you have the option of either furnishing us with a previously designed ad or have our graphics department create an evocative ad for you.

On publication, we start analysing web data and monitor the performance of your ad. We will provide you with weekly “click reports” so that you get an idea of how the ad is performing.

Good Feedback and Great Return on Investment Throughout

Our strategy has worked for countless businesses. All of them have gained an awful lot more than they invested and most of them are with us to this day.

Let’s talk and grow your business!