5 Most Common Reasons People Get Fired

Rarely is it anyone’s intention to get fired when they start a new job.  With hope on the horizon and a fresh start in a new place of employment, usually, new hires have the best intentions of making it work.  Unfortunately, however, it often leads to being fired.

Getting fired can be traumatizing and embarrassing, especially if you have a family to look after.  It can affect getting a job in a new place that wants to check references, and it can create a bad reputation in your field.  

Here are some of the most common reasons why people get fired, and how you can avoid it happening to you.


When some people think about stealing from a company they often associate it with embezzlement or large amounts of cash.  However, what many employees don’t realize is that companies treat any kind of theft the same.

Many people may steal things which they feel are relatively harmless, like office supplies.  Unfortunately, since the company purchases supplies with company money, you might as well be taking money from your work and putting it straight in your pocket.

Stealing of any kind is hugely frowned upon and often leads to being fired on the spot if you’re caught.  You’re better off avoiding any sort of theft if you want to keep your job and your integrity.

Failing To Complete Tasks

When you’re hired to do a job, your employer expects you to get it done.  It’s really that simple. Unfortunately, a lot of people who may not have a very professional attitude may think that it’s ok to fall behind or leave part of their to-do’s behind.

The bottom line is, however, that if you continuously fail to complete your job, you’ll eventually be replaced.


No one appreciates an employee who is habitually absent at work.  When you don’t show up, you’re letting the entire team down and slowing down the production process.

Abusing absences and showing up late regularly is a fast track to getting fired quickly.

Lack of Teamwork

Some people don’t work well with others in a team environment.  Unfortunately, since teamwork is often the backbone of a company’s productivity and creativity, it’s essential that they take on employees who work well in a group.  

Many managers are known for taking on someone with less expertise who is positive to work with over someone who may be more qualified but doesn’t fit the group dynamic.


Lying in any way shape or form in the workplace will usually get you fired right away.  Always be transparent if you value your position and don’t want to create a bad name for yourself.  After lying once, usually, people aren’t inclined to trust you again.