Five Tips For Making Money With Your Small Business

When you start a small business it’s normally because you want to make money for yourself instead of a boss at some other job. You want to be the one in charge and you want to turn something you love to do into something that makes you money.

When it comes to running a small business you want to make sure that you are doing everything possible to make money. You want to be bringing in money as soon as possible or your business might not last.

Use Invoicing

Invoicing when you sell stuff to customers is an important thing, and it can help you get paid in a more timely manner. It also gives them a slip for their records when it comes to their own tax time, as well as a way for you to better track sales. You can invest in some invoicing services, or if you use Paypal they even allow you to make invoices for your customers.

Sell In More Places

You can make more money if people can purchase your goods and services in a variety of places. Don’t just sell in a local store or on your own website. Find other online options, and local options, for selling. You can use auction and sales sites online, like eBay and Etsy, and you can even sell at flea markets and farmer’s markets (depending on what you’re selling).


Make sure that you are advertising your business in as many places as possible. This takes an investment on your part, but it will make you more money in the long run. Find places to advertise that fit your demographic, like the local paper to reach older people or SnapChat to reach people in their teens and twenties.


Don’t just advertise (as in paying for ad space or sharing links to your blog and your products), get online and talk to your potential customers. You can do that with social media. You can also attend local meetings for entrepreneurs that let you meet up with and converse with other business professionals in the area.

Make A Big Deal

Your business should be a big deal, since it pays your bills and is your livelihood, so make it a big deal. Have a grand opening when you first get started. Make a blog and a newsletter and get people to sign up with the promise of coupons and the first word on big sales. All companies offer coupons and discounts at various times of the year. This Home Depot promo code is just one example of what many different businesses are doing at the moment to get ahead of their competitors.

Then have some sales. People love a bargain, so offering sales is an excellent way to bring back repeat customers and attract new ones.

You may also want to come up with new products and services down the road. Introducing something new can definitely be a great way to attract new customers and entice ones that haven’t been back in awhile.