Four Ways To Make Your Business Stand Out

When you start a small business you want to do everything you can to get the name out there to people. That means advertising, networking, marketing, and actually putting your products into people’s hands, or putting your services right in front of them. There are many ways you can do this, from the internet to trade shows/business expos.

Get To The Trade Shows

Don’t just run your business out of your home or out of your own little rented office or small retail shop. Get it out to more places so that more people can see it. Trade shows and business experts are excellent options for sharing your business, with other professionals and with the individuals that will buy your products and services.

When you get set up at any type of show like this you want a booth/table that pops. That means having the right graphics to attract people and then having the right merch to keep them around long enough to talk to them about what you have to offer.

Use Social Media

You also want to use the internet to make your business get noticed, and one of the best ways to do that is to use social media. All social media sites can help your business in some way, but you want to use the ones that will reach the right people. If your demographic is all people forty years of age and older, you might not need to waste time and man hours on Snapchat, which is more geared toward teens and twenty-somethings.

Promotional Materials Are A Must

Whether you’re setting up at an expo or at the local farmer’s market, you want to have stuff people can carry away with them that will remind them of your offerings when they get back home. This starts with having business cards that you can hand out anywhere, and easily drop in a bag when someone buys one of your products.

Other promotional items you’ll want to consider are pens with your business logo, frisbees and t-shirts, and other fun items. Your type of business could have some determining factors in what products you pick.


Don’t stick with only social media when it comes to your business online. You also need to have a website. It seems like too many businesses are trying to skip the whole dot com thing and just use Facebook as their faux website. While social media is a great marketing tool, it doesn’t give your business the professional look that a website does. In many ways, your website is the face of your business. Considering that, you could spend some time visiting websites like to hire professionals who can create a website customized for your business based on the specifications you provide.

Your website needs to load easily and look good. You need to have an about page to tell people about your business, how they can contact you, and even to show them the inside workings, from your products to the services you offer.