Top Travel Etiquette: How to Handle a Trip with Your Boss

Going on a business trip with your boss can sometimes be awkward. It depends on how well you get on with your boss, but there may be certain situations where you don’t know how you should act.

Here are some tips you should follow the next time you go on a business trip with your boss.

Find a Hotel Your Boss will Love

If you are in charge of booking the hotel for everyone on the trip, take your time and make sure you find somewhere your boss will love.

That doesn’t mean choosing the most expensive place—instead, look for somewhere conveniently located nearby to all the places you will be visiting.

When choosing your hotel, make sure it has good facilities. That could include meeting rooms or a spa to relax in after work and a hotel with a breakfast service and a restaurant.

Your best bet is to go with a well-known name. For example, if you are going to Washington, somewhere like the Marriott Washingtonian Center, Maryland could be ideal. Don’t get this wrong or you are unlikely to impress your boss

Make Sure You Book Your Room

If you are not in charge of organizing the business trip, always double check that you have a hotel room booked for you. Don’t assume that your boss will have taken care of this—if it’s your responsibility, know in advance.

Otherwise, you could find yourself in the very tricky situation of turning up with no room.

Pack Clothes for Any Eventuality

When you pack for a business trip, while you’ll want to pack light, you should still ensure that you pack for every possible situation that may arise. Pack something smart for meetings, but also something smart-casual in case you find out when you’re there that this will be more suitable.

Also, take some casual clothes for any evening activities, and basically try to cover all your bases.

Dress Reasonably Smart for the Flight

This one depends on your boss and the culture in your office, but it might be worthwhile to dress smartly for the flight. You are still on work time, after all, and the last thing you want to do is turn up in your casual clothing when everyone else dresses smartly. Find out from other employees what they recommend.

Get to the Airport on Time

Make sure you always give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport. Your boss is not going to be impressed if you turn up late, so play it safe, find out what the traffic is like in advance, and get there early. It’s better to be sitting around in the airport for a while rather than showing up late.

Keep Things Professional

Even though you’re traveling, you’re still working, so try to keep things professional. For example, if you sit next to your boss on a long-haul flight, they are still your boss, so try to keep the conversation away from anything too personal. And, whatever you do, don’t get drunk.

Make a Good Impression on Your Next Business Trip

Traveling with your boss does not have to be awkward or stressful. Just keep a few tips in mind when you next travel on business with your boss, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.